Glycerin: how to add it back into your life

Glycerin is a wonderful thing. Pure glycerin added to a cream help to add moisture , and attracts moisture to your skin and hair. It heals cracked or dry heals and can eliminate pimples.  our ancestors had it daily whenever they washed, but we don’t because it has been removed from our soaps.
But what is glycerin ?
Glycerin is a humectant, meaning it attracts moisture to your skin. Glycerin is a natural by-product of the soapmaking process.
The problem is that commercial manufacturers remove the glycerin for use in their soaps to make more profitable lotions and creams. Yes, that is correct, once again a perfectly natural substance is removed from a daily product to create profit.
One solution is to add glycerin to your mask , or scrub , but why not use a natural hand crafted soap that has loads of natural and unprocessed glycerin already.
1. Add glycerin to your dry masks and scrubs

2. Add glycerin to hair detanglers and leave in sprays.

3. Use natural hand crafted soaps . (Preferably low palm oil or no palm oil)


We at Mila Earth make soap off course and we can customize scent, or coffee or scrub or even shaving soaps.

All you need to do is ask us or email us at We can make a baby sop with no scent, or add any scent or additives you like. Clay is great for detoxing and adds a beautiful colour. Coffee is great for scrubs and cellulite . Salt is a great scrub as well. My favorite scrub is to add orange peels and egg shells. 

You can also order 100ml or 500ml jugs of glycerin.


Diy Apple cider vinegar 

Many of my ideas come from direct needs. I don’t understand why I should pay so much money for certain low quality products, or pasteurized products.

I have started making Shampoo bars. The best rinse for a shampoo bar is ACV rinse or leave in spray. In Taiwan it isn’t impossible to get apple cider vinegar, but it isn’t the easiest either.  I can make Kombucha vinegar, but It was a pickle in my brain ; how do you make apple cider vinegar ?

Like all things, it is amazingly easy and basic required neglect . Plus you are using or can use a waste product.

So how do you get this to this? 

You start by filling a jar full of cores, or apples or skins. Just take out the stems. When your jar is full add 2 tbsp of sugar. 

After fill it with some water  and cover it with a tissue or cheese cloth. Now set it aside for two weeks in a warm darker place. Make sure you place an elastic around the cheese cloth. You don’t want flies and maggots .

After two weeks strain out the apples and place the liquid in a cooler darker spot. Let it sit another 4 weeks. This liquid will turn into Apple cider vinegar after about 4 weeks.

Who knew, another waste product doing you good for free.

Natural tinted lip balm: for healthy lips

You can buy lip balm anywhere. All drug stores have them, cosmetics stores have them, even 7 11 has several varieties.
But please do not be fooled. Most companies do not publish ingredients , instead they say to check their website. Even the ones who do publish ingredients  seldom have good ones. In fact over the last 7 years I have not found one lip balm that I would use on my lips.  

My customers send me pictures of ingredients, I check labels regularly, and during workshops people show me what they use. Not even once have I found a good lipbalm. Not even one.  This ncluded baby safe peoducts,might end cosmetics, and organic Autralian companies. In fact, I have even tried a few and my lips became itchy.

What is in our lipbalm? It contains an oil coconut, wheat germ, or almond,or avocado. If you are allergic to an oil you can specify and we will make you one with an oil that is safe for you. It contains wax and lanolin. Essential oil is optional, but adds flavor, my favorite is organic vanilla. We also add clay and pigments.  For a few of the darker colours , we may add some cosmetic grade pigments, but only a little.

You do not have to buy ours, but read your labels or at least make your own.
If you want raw ingredients, I am happy to ship them to you at cost. I will even ship you lip balm containers, just stop using petroleum based, synthetic poison on your lips.

Natural tinted lip balms are 220 nt or 10 USD

I have thought of making them cheaper, but I refuse to compromise on ingredients .

My girls launched their own enterprise this year and started making Lollipop lipbalms. They are fun, but don’t really colour.  They saw that many of their friends had chapped lips and wanted to help them. They designed their own, picked the colours, bought the ingredients, mixed it, measured it and sold it at fairs.
If you would like some, we can arrange for them to make some more.
100 nt each if you buy 5 or more or 150 for one.


Ginger and health benefits

In a world of convenience it always surprises me how easy it is to make natural remedies.
Please don’t buy prepacked ginger tea, the teabags probably have some nasty chemicals, and God knows what else was used in the drying process.
Firstly, ginger keeps very well in the fridge. You can slice it and put it in cold water.

Secondly you could use a juicer and just make ginger extract to add to tea or water. You only need to juice once a week and probably make enough to last.

Thirdly you can cook with it. Off course cooking removes some of the health benefits, but you are still getting many from it.
So stock up on your ginger. It is easy, it seldom goes bad, and it isn’t even expensive.
Ps: why not make a ginger kombucha, I bet it would taste like a natural ginger ale.  

Diy household cleaner

Cleaning is important. How can we clean and yet not poison yourself.
I use a combination of citric acid and eucalyptus oil.  I also add lemon and lavender to make it more effective and a bit of Castile soap.
For very tough stains I use it pure.

I also add 1 tsp right to the toilet bowl to disinfect, remove stains and clean.

One great tip is to add the natural cleaner right to your toilet brush holder. This way every time you grab the toilet brush it is loaded with citric acid and eucalyptus.
So first: 

Grab a bag of powdered citric acid and dissolve it in a large pot. I make a citric acid concentrate .  I use this concentrate as the base to my cleaner. 

Second : in a spray bottle or a jug add 50 % citric acid 45% water, 1 tbsp of Castile soap, 1 tbsp of eucalyptus. You can be creative and add lavender or lemon too.
I use this to clean floors, walls, toys, bathrooms. It just isn’t good for shiny surfaces. So for mirrors and shiny surfaces I make a vinegar spray. Mix 30% vinegar, 1 tsp corn starch, 1 tsp Castile or dish soap,  3 tbsp alcohol and top it up with water.

And remember you don’t really need to measure ingredients. Once you understand that you just need a little of this and a lot of that, you can just eye ball everything.


Get a free product 

At Mila Earth we believe that you are the most important person. We want you to get all the savings, not put it in advertising.

Every time to refer 3 friends you can get a free product of your choice . We can only grow with you.
What do we try to do to make Mila Earth sustainable and eco friendly?
1. Share with 3 friends and they buy anything and you get a product of your choice free

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I try really hard to make it as eco friendly and commercial free as possible by giving all the benefits to you, since you make it work.